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Change your profile picture to show you’re a fan of FAN in Facebook

Change Your Profile Picture with the First day FAN logo

After Showing the Fans of Fan Movie and Its Demands Facebook is Giving Very Wonderful facility to Change Profile Picture to show that You’re Fan of FAN Movie and Shahrukh khan. its shows that how much people loves shahrukh khan and his movies. In this Facility, People who are Using facebook can change their profile picture with the logo of First day Fan. Here is the method that how to change your profile picture to shows that you are the first day fan of FAN movie.


Apply Filter Of First Day Fan In Facebook Profile Picture

This Is not a First time that facebook Giving A Facility to change Filter to support something. facebook is also Giving Facility to show support Your Favourite IPL Cricket Team Or Support Indian Cricket Team By Applying a Filter and changing Your Profile Picture.


Click Here To Change Your Profile Picture to show that You are Fan of FAN movie

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